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    Song Dogs

A unique collaborative endeavor between the University of Southern Maine, Conservation Biologist, Geri Vistein and Sculptor, Forest Hart was the inspiration for the creation of The Song Dogs 

Song Dogs will be part of an educational exhibit at the Atrium Gallery of the University of Southern Maine in 2012. Hundreds of adults and Maine school children will have the opportunity to view this sculpture. Its purpose is to educate the human community about this important American carnivore in a way that only art can achieve. Seen above is a smaller rendition of the life-size sculpture. After the two month exhibit is over, the sculpture will be gifted to an educational institution here in Maine, where by its very presence it will continue to touch the human spirit.

In order for The Song Dog Project to come to life, we are seeking contributions for the creation of the life size sculpture. We have the goal of raising $24,500 within the next year. Any and all contributions are welcome and much appreciated.

For everyone who donates $100 or more, their name will be placed on a bronze plaque attached to the sculpture.

For donations within the amounts listed your name will placed in the category shown and a you will also receive a statement for tax purposes along with a letter of our thanks:




Pup $100
Yearling  $500
Alpha Female or Alpha Male $1000
Coyote Family $5000

Please make checks out to: The Song Dog Project
Send to: 
Geri Vistein, Biologist
35 Summer Street #4
Wiscasset, Maine 04578

Sculptor's Note: Coyotes have good family values. They play together, hunt together, live together and sing together. Sometimes a barren female relative from a previous litter will help raise and baby sit the new litter. 
The purchase of this tabletop bronze will donate 40% as a tax-deductible contribution to the Song Dog Project. 

Edition: 20   Height:  10 1/2"   Length:  19"   $5,200.00



Please contact us for more information about Life Size and Monument Sculptures.

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