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Melville W. Fuller

Melville Fuller was the eighth Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court and fulfilled this position from 1888 to 1910. He was born in Augusta, Maine and made his mark in Chicago. There is, however, no commemoration whatsoever in the city of his birthplace. This lengthy over site will soon be remedied with a life-size bronze of Melville Fuller that will be prominently displayed on the grounds of the Kennebec Court House in Augusta, Maine.

Finished Clay Model

 mold being made         runbber mold
Plaster mold being made                 Making the rubber mold

 finished mold
Rubber mold completed

"New Hampden Bronco" armature created with the Hampden Academy students

New Hampden Bronco

Because wild mustangs are often used in the rodeos for the bronco events I searched for and found the perfect model for the new Hampden Bronco. He was a beautiful 5-year-old stallion captured in Wyoming and was living only a few miles from my studio. With a few years in captivity and a gentle trainer he had a fine disposition and seemed to enjoy being measured and photographed (and eating carrots.) 

The new Hampden Academy is under construction and a new Hampden Bronco will be created and prominently displayed at the entrance. To complement the design of the building, a horizontal sculpture is being made of a fast-moving wild mustang about 9’ tall and 12 feet long on a 20’ circular stone base 16” high.

The New Hampden Bronco (and base) will be financed through the sale of 70 tabletop bronzes 12 ¼” high and 19’ long, including a black granite base.

  newhampden tab
New Hampden Bronco Tabletop Bronze

When you support this project:

  • Your name will be placed on a bronze plaque at the monument site.
  • You will have given interested students of Hampden Academy a rare opportunity to assist in creating the monument, which includes enlarging and making templates, building the armature, sculpting in clay, and making a rubber and plaster mold.
  • You will be presented with an illustrated book titled “Creating the Hampden Bronco,” which will record all the steps from the start to the dedication. 
  • You will have made a substantial contribution that will be appreciated by many generations of Hampden Academy students and will be part of the Academy’s history.

The tabletop Hampden Bronco sells for $2,600.00, which includes a tax-deductible donation of $1,500.00 to help finance the monument. The check should be made payable to MSAD #22 and addressed to:

MSAD #22
Forest Hart
105 Raven Road
Monroe, Maine 04951


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